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Bing Federated Search for SharePoint 2010

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment

SharePoint search offer federated search to external Search engines. There even a gallery where you can download a Federated search connector to Bing.

Unfortunately, this connector do not works: the query template target a page, that do not exist anymore :

To make it work, you have to update this location to a funtionnal URL,

Go to Central Administration/Manage Service Applications/<Your Search Service Application>

Then open Federated Locations and Edit the Bing Location :

Go to “Location Information Section” and set “Query Template” to{searchTerms}&format=rss&market={language}&web.count={count}&web.offset={startIndex}

Then go to “Display Information” and use Default Formatting for Federated Search Results, Core Search Results, and Top Federated Results

If you feel lazy, you can download a corrected connector (OSDX) on my skydrive:

I don’t know when Bing Updated it’s RSS endpoint, but this federated connector really needs an update….